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With Kôsuke Okano, Hikaru Midorikawa, Mariette Sluyter, Motoko Kumai. The story is lethargic. Buy SD $0.99. 0. The 329 individual chapters of the series were compiled into 33 … These dragons have their own personality and traits. Watch Flame of Recca Folge 36 - The Fire Dragons United! Of course, in terms of originality, it deserves a high commendation, but that's about all the praise I can muster for this series. Flame of Recca (Japanese: 烈火の炎, Hepburn: Rekka no Honō) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Anzai.It was serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday from April 1995 to February 2002. See More. 15. Flame of Recca is a 42-episode anime series produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Noriyuki Abe.It is an adaptation of the shōnen manga series of the same name by Nobuyuki Anzai.The plot follows the protagonist Recca Hanabishi, a teenage ninja with the ability to manipulate fire and a descendant of the Hokage, a ninja clan wiped out centuries ago. Kage Hoshi reveals the truth of Recca's birth. VIZ Media. Armed with the power to control flame, Recca suddenly finds himself in an awkward situation. Having merely one flame dragon is powerful enough, but Recca has EIGHT (8) flame dragons inside him! Kokū (虚空) Gesprochen von: Kenichi Ogata (Japanisch); Randy Brososky (Englisch) Kokū ist einer der Schöpfer von Madōgu und ein Hokage Flame Master (und Anführer der Flame Dragons) vor Ōka. English. The Curse of Time: Mother and Son! Flame of Recca. 15 Nov. 1997 Yomigaeru kako! When Team Hokage's latest foe discovers a way to release one of these dragons, even Recca must bow to the serpent's cruel and temperamental anger. 163. Setsuna- Fire Flash/ Fire Spray 5. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Videos Reviews Comments More Info. Audio languages. More Books by Nobuyuki Anzai See All. These dragons have their own personality and traits. When Recca uses the flame Dragon around his hand and arm, his flame takes the shape of the Dragon and he strikes the enemy with his fist. The Past Revived: The 400-Year-Old Truth! GENRE. Homura- Fire Whip/Strength 4. Note:The eighth Flame Dragon. Photos. Recca tries to gain control of his new fire allies. The Ultimate Flame! 13+ Subtitles. RELEASED. Legend of the Fire Dragons"Transcription: "Kyūkyoku no honō! Saiha- Fire Blade 3. On the day he pledges his undying ninja allegiance to a pretty classmate named Yanagi Sakoshita, a mysterious older woman pops into his life. The Ultimate Flame! The series first aired on July 19, 1997. MB. When Setsuna opens his eye, it creates a bright red flare. Flame of Recca, Vol. Kokū's power takes the form of a giant, concentrated laser beam. The most prominent precursor to the ever popular Naruto, Flame of Recca is essentially, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, and Kaze no Stigma all rolled into one package. SELLER. Resshin is the leade ... Kokuu and Recca do not fight in the desert, however, he steals Recca's six dragons before his fight with Kurei, and teaches him how to properly combine multiple dragons into one attack, promising that if Recca can master this ability that he will surrender his services to Recca, which he does. Anyone that looks into his eye, he will instantly combust and the flames won't die until the target is completely incinerated. Among all the flame dragons, Kokū is the only one that is capable of manifesting his human form outside of Recca's body. Rui is the sixth Flame Dragon who has the power to create illusions to deceive her opponents. !After remo... Legend of the Fire Dragons"Transcription: "Kyūkyoku no honō! You can also watch Flame of Recca on … Flame of Recca is a story of a man named Recca Hanabishi gifted to control the power of fire and his flaming dragons and his struggles to fight his half-brother named Kurei. Karyū (8 Flame Dragons) Appearance: Name: Power: Description: Nadare: Fireball (Dan En) Nadare allows Recca to shoot multiple fire balls at once, the numbers increasing as he gets stronger. Resshin Resshin is actually the spirit of Ohka (Recca's father). He has a mirror that allows a person to enter their mindscape. In modern Japan where the way of ninja is still practiced secretly, Recca discovers that he has a power to manipulate fire. Recca's flame power is derived from eight Flame Dragons (referred to as Karyū in the Japanese version) namely Saiha, Nadare, Homura, Setsuna, Madoka, Rui, Kokuu, and Resshin. Flame of Recca is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Anzai.The plot follows the protagonist Recca Hanabishi, a teenage ninja with the ability to manipulate fire and a descendant of the Hokage, a ninja clan wiped out centuries ago.. See All. Watch with Prime. Nadare- Fireball 2. Flame of Recca is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. S1, Ep14. Legend of the Fire Dragons. Eventually he meets people who also has strange power, and … Teenager Recca Hanabishi is always up for a good-natured tussle with his friends. 4 Setsuna :Shun En, Fire Flash / Fire Spray A very bitter, very angry Flame Dragon. The Flame of Recca manga was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1995 to 2002, with a total of 329 chapters. Recca and friends appear in the Massive Multiplayer Crossover game, Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! May 5, 1997. Recca's two dragons were named Homura and Madoka... and years later, we get to see Homura and Madoka being the names of two Magical Girls in one of the darkest takes of the genre. Flame of Recca is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (43 episodes). That's because he's famous at school and around town for being a super ninja geek. Episode 41 The Second Round! During her fight with Recca, she tells him that deception had to be used sometimes in order to win a fight. 23min. Buy SD $0.99. Later on, he discovers his true power as a "flame master" by the ability to control and summon the awesome "Karyus" or "flame dragons", one of the most powerful "forms" of flame a flame master could have. 1. Recca has removed his gauntlet, and a eight-headed Flame Dragon has appeared. Nadare (崩) is the first Flame Dragon, with the power to produce fireballs. She is a beautiful kunoichi who is not afraid to use her body as an advantage in combat. Setsuna (刹那) is the flash flame Dragon. 14. Recca has removed his gauntlet, and a eight-headed Flame Dragon has appeared. SIZE. This attack is one of Recca's strongest moves. 13+ Subtitles. Audio languages. May 14 LANGUAGE. Recca nutzt Resshins Kraft, um Yanagis Seele vor dem Tendo Jigoku zu retten. The eight dragons ( in order of Recca getting them) are: 1. She is the friendliest of all the dragons and is often used by Recca along with Saiha.Nadare was the first dragon to lend her powers to Recca as he was protecting Kagerō, though Recca refers to Saiha as the "first form" of the Flame Dragons.Human-wise, she is a kunoichi with a ponytail. Recca's powers were apparently so strong that they had to be sealed with a wrist guard. May 5, 1997. Rate . Newest Oldest Flame of Recca (Dub) Episode 42 Battle To The Death! VIZ Media, LLC. 23min . Yonhyakuen no shinjitsu!! Oda Nobunaga took an interest to the resident MacGuffin that grants supernatural power, and he's dead because other people thinks that he's gonna go full on megalomaniacal demon king that dooms the world with it. Recca tries to gain control of his new fire allies. The story evolves around Recca Hanabishi who aims to be a great ninja and serves a loyalty to Yanagi Sakoshita , a teenage girl who can heal any kind of physical injury and which Recca also consider his princess. The Opponent Outside the Ring! Watch with Prime. Densetsu no Karyū! These dragons have their own personality and traits. EN. Recca partners with an unlikely ally. : It is the Fourth to submit to Recca. 2013 Flame of Recca, Vol. Note that I mentioned "Karyus" (plural). 2013. Comics & Graphic Novels. Time to bring out the big guns -- Flame of Recca Watch the full series on our app: www.retrocrush.tv Or watch it on Amazon Prime: https://amzn.to/2KCfvw8 188. Read manga Flame of Recca [烈火の炎 ; 烈火之炎 ; Bara Api Recca ; Flame of Recca ; Ngọn Lửa Recca ; Recca no Honou] Full at MangaNT Pages PUBLISHER. It follows a very formulaic approach. See All. the most unique. LENGTH.

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